A Treat for All!

Date: April 1, 2020

When we were kids, hair was something that we woke up with that may or may not see a brush or comb all day.  If it weren’t for our parents, it is hard to say if it may have ever been introduced to shampoo, let alone conditioner.

Hair Love.jpg

Young ladies and women alike are not only familiar with the items mentioned earlier but they enjoy them more so at a beauty salon.  There a stylist will do magic with all kinds of tools to make hair look more like art and beautiful. 

The challenge that our communities are facing has made a big impact on local businesses.  While a lot of them have created new and innovative ways to provide their product and service, there are some that are not able to do so.

Salons are closed during this time but beauty comes from the inside.  Purchase a Gift Card today from one of the local beauty salons and share some love with our community!