Support Local Business - Purchase a Gift Card Today!

Date: April 21, 2020

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are near but have no fear, gift cards are here!  Purchase a gift card today from your favorite local business and help them to manage through this challenging time.  Previously on Manteo Life, we talked about gift cards to the local Manteo barber and salons.  However, gift cards can be purchased for just about anything and work well.  Reynolds Barber Shop received orders for gift cards already! 

Downtown Photo - Coleman Shots - Cropped

Gift cards are just that, a gift!  They are a gift to not only the recipient but also the business.  It helps them to stay in operation, pay employees and be there when it’s time to reopen to the community.  When you purchase a gift card, give a shout out to them on social media.  It’s a gift that keeps on giving!

You can find a list of retail businesses on Manteo Life with their contact information and ways to shop with them.  Whether on-line or by phone, these businesses are still here for the community.  You can find this list on the Home page on the right-hand side listed as Manteo Retail Businesses Operational Status.  The list is continually being updated as new information is provided, so visit the site often.

Think of a gift card as an investment not only in the local businesses but in your local community.  That purchase is a gift to all and helps to ensure we see “Open for Business” signs when we transition from a time of COVID-19 to a new chapter in our lives.  It gives us all something to look forward to!

Thank you local businesses and the residents of Manteo.  This is what Manteo Life is all about!