Dare County Schools - Your Wheels, Our Meals

Date:  April 24, 2020


Dare County Schools (DCS) has been providing meals to all children in Dare County, age 18 and under to make it safer and more convenient.  Now, meals are given out twice a week limiting exposure even more.  School may not be in for the usual five days a week but breakfast and lunch meals are being provided for all five days for free!  There is a saying, “it takes a village", 

Downtown Photo - Coleman Shots - Cropped

that is used often to describe efforts made to help a situation in need or simply to make things happen.  DCS staff and volunteers are truly that village helping our community in its efforts to stay healthy and provide a safe place for us all.

"We are extremely proud of our Dare County Schools meals program and how we are supporting our communities during COVID-19. Our child nutrition staff have been on the frontlines in our communities during this pandemic because they love and care for families in Dare County. I am also proud of the significant number of community 

volunteers, teachers, bus drivers, child nutrition staff, and organizations such as 'Food for Thought' that are supporting families during the pandemic. The Dare County spirit of resourcefulness and love for our neighbors is ever-present.  In addition to our meals program, we are excited that we will be providing a student bookmobile soon at our meal program sites," stated Dr. John Farrelly, Dare County Schools Superintendent.