Count on Me NC - A commitment to care

for our community!

June 30, 2020

What makes a community?  Technically speaking it is a group of people living in the same place who share things in common, such as history, tradition, interests and identity.  In Manteo, community is knowing almost everyone who lives here, their families and caring for each other in every aspect of life.  Count on Me NC is an initiative empowering visitors, whether local or guests, and businesses to continue that care for one another with a few guidelines and best practices.


A joint effort created by government and health officials in partnership with industry leaders from across the state, Count on Me NC offers guidelines for protecting yourself, your friends and family, and the community.  Local businesses are provided with information focusing on best practices and procedures to help ensure staff and guest safety.  In addition, Count on Me offers a list of additional resources from industry experts, participating businesses and FAQs.  If you volunteer to make the pledge, you can post your commitment and efforts to help keep the community safe at your place of business or print off a badge to carry with you and share with others!

You can feel and see the excitement in the community as each business opens, whether it be one of the beautiful and relaxing Bed and Breakfasts or a restaurant serving local seafood and fare or a charming boutique with unique finds   We all have a valuable role in caring for our communities.  Programs like Count on Me NC help us to continue to move forward in creating a safer, healthier environment for everyone during challenging times such as COVID-19.  No matter how simple an effort may seem, it can make a huge impact on your community and its future.