September 22, 2020

This year can easily be defined as a time where we truly needed to think outside of the box with everything we do. When you open a box of crayons or markers, you have an opportunity to be creative, express how you feel and even showcase your favorite activities. 

ARPO Artwork Photo - September 2020.jpg

The Albemarle Rural Planning Organization (ARPO) and the Institute for Transportation Research and Education (ITRE) have joined together and created a virtual art contest where they can learn more about how children and their families are adjusting and enjoying their time together during these times of virtual school learning and teleworking.  All elementary and middle school children who live in the ARPO region, including Manteo, are encouraged to design their very own artwork focusing on the joy they have found outdoors.  Nerf guns, water guns, baseballs, swimming, biking are all great ways families have been spending time together outside.  These adventures can easily be shared through artwork with a simple piece of paper, markers, crayons or paint (water-based paints of course for indoors). 


Prizes will be awarded for the top two submissions in two different age groups:  the Safety Seals (K – 5th grade) and the Careful Cats (6th – 8th grade).  Don’t worry parents, you can keep all those very special original masterpieces!  Scans or pictures of the artwork are all that is needed and can be submitted via email to no later than October 1st.  Winners will be announced on October 7th, Walk in Your Community Day, which is a new program for families who cannot participate in the traditional Walk to School Day during the pandemic. 

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