The Goods on the Grocery Stores

Date: April 13, 2020

Many of us have heard the old saying, “no need in reinventing the wheel if it works.”  Since the beginning of COVID-19, many wheels have taken a new turn and reinvented themselves to help cope with what our community is facing while still providing quality services.

Food-A-Rama Photo - April 2020.jpg

Food-A-Rama and Piggly Wiggly have both put the “S” in SUPERmarket with the ways they are helping the community to stay healthy.  Some operational hours have changed, and friendly faces are protected by plastic face shields.  Clean-up is not only going to be on Aisle 4 but on registers and shopping carts.  Both stores are continually looking for ways to help their employees and customers with social distancing.  For example, Food-A-Rama offers delivery service, and Piggly Wiggly encourages only one household member to shop in the store at a time and has placed tape on the floor to help keep people six feet apart.

Shopping carts will still wheel down the grocery store aisles just with some added grease to help make things move smoother during this time of uncertainty.  Food-A-Rama and Piggly Wiggly continue to sell goods needed by the community as they take more stock in people’s health more than ever.

Please contact the local businesses for more information.  You can contact Food-A-Rama at 252-473-2924 and Piggly Wiggly at 252-473-3727.